3 February 2020

Search autocompletes on tags and all their labels, cut and paste between folders, other enhancements

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7 November 2019

Improved performance, batch download, alert me, search documents from start page, open Microsoft OneNote and Project files in apps

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8 May 2018

Link to SharePoint sites, support more than 5000 documents in a workspace

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28 February 2018

From MetaShare’s start page it is now possible to search for workspaces and it will show all workspaces that have the search query within its title or in any of the custom metadata.

21 February 2018

Workspace metadata: In MetaShare settings, administrators can now, per workspace type, define which fields should be shown and in which order, when creating workspaces. In MetaShare settings, administrators can also define which of these fields should be shown in MetaShare’s … Read more