About us

Ways was founded in 2006 based on the vision to simplify document management for Office 365 users.

As Swedish IT entrepreneurs with solid knowledge of Microsoft Office 365, Ways has developed the SaaS solution MetaShare – an app that helps O365 users manage documents in a completely new way using metadata.

Way’s customers consist of knowledge-intensive companies that use Office 365. Common to MetaShare customers is that they handle a lot of data and many projects with a business that places high demands on documentation. Customers are located throughout the Nordic region and internationally. The office is located on Klarabergsviadukten in Stockholm.

Way’s primary focus is to educate Swedish and international companies in the value of efficient document management as a strong competitive advantage in today’s digital business climate.

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Carl Mårn Per Rolder
Carl Mårn (co-founder), Per Rolder (CEO)

Our story

We at Ways see that most companies lose the business potential in smart document management.

That’s why we’ve developed a groundbreaking document management solution, MetaShare. It ensures that you can work instead of looking for documents. That you work in the right version, do not lose any document and that those that are not used are eliminated automatically. In addition, MetaShare means that you never fail to renegotiate an agreement, or that sensitive documents end up on the wrong track. All at a lower cost than an employee’s daily cups of coffee.

The reason we developed MetaShare was that we saw that we could take the document management potential in SharePoint from standard to turbo. Something Microsoft would never do because their job is to provide standard features.

Using MetaShare gives a boost to the business. And to the joy of work. It is smart, safe and attractive and allows employees to focus on creating value instead of managing documents.

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