29 August 2023

1. Fix for loading less than 50 documents at a time in large workspaces when filtering on non-indexed columns

We have discovered that sometimes, in large workspaces (with more than 5000 documents), when filtering on columns that are not indexed, MetaShare can load less documents than the usual page size of 50 items and show “Load more” button. In such cases users had to click “Load more” one or several times to load more documents and no error was shown, even when no document were retrieved.

This issue is now resolved. It was caused by incomplete replies from SharePoint API and affected only large workspaces with filters enabled on columns that cannot be indexed, because they are configured to allow multiple values. We always recommend indexing all columns that will be used as filters in workspaces that are expected to contain more than 5 000 documents, to avoid issues with SharePoint’s list view threshold.

2. Fix for hidden workspace content type columns incorrectly visible in workspace properties.

Previously, the workspace properties form used when creating workspaces or editing their properties incorrectly displayed fields that were set to be hidden on the workspace content type. This is now fixed.

3. Fix for folders not being shown in alphabetical order

Previously, the folder filter could show document folders in a somewhat random order. This is now changed so that they always are shown in alphabetical order.