MetaShare roadmap

MetaShare is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that is continuously updated with new features and improvements. On average we release 6 updates per year.

For a list of the all the previously released MetaShare updates, see MetaShare’s release notes.

Next release

From a long list of potential features and improvements, we have chosen a few to focus on delivering in our next release, including:

  • Updated look and feel, using Microsoft’s Fluent UI.
  • Improved accessibility.
  • Redesigned, easier to understand navigation.
  • New “Home” tab on MetaShare’s start page, which will show the users’ favorite and recent documents and workspaces.
  • New way for users to view all their tasks from all workspaces.

In the future

We continuously gather suggestions and ideas from our customers. We regularly review and discuss them to understand the needs behind them and to find the right solutions. We prioritize changes that benefit our customers and users the most. If you have any suggestions or feedback don’t hesitate to contact us.