MetaShare’s product roadmap

MetaShare is a SaaS solution that continuously is updated with features that our customers will benefit from. We have a board that meets every second week to review new suggestions from customers and MetaShare’s development team and prioritize them so that we deliver the right new features. In average we release 6 updates per year. We have a long list of things we want to do and on this page we list the most prioritized features, grouped into these three sections:

  1. Next release
  2. Features to be released in a near future
  3. Other features that we are considering to develop

For a list of the all the released MetaShare features, see MetaShare’s release notes.

Next release

These are the features that currently are being developed and planned to be released in the upcoming release:

  1. Document search results presented in MetaShare’s user interface:
    • Currently, when conducting a document search from MetaShare’s start page or if you search for documents in a workspace and later click on the “Show results from all locations”, the documents are shown in SharePoint’s standard search results page. We will instead present them in MetaShare’s own user interface.
  2. Enhancements to the submit for approval function:
    • You will only be able to submit a document for approval to individuals that have permissions to edit the document.
    • Users with only read permissions on a document will not be able submit the document for approval.
    • Checked out document will not be able to be submitted for approval.
  3. Sort on relevance after having conducted a free-text search:
    • Currently, the default sort order of documents in the document view is always on the documents’ modified date, in descending order. As you probably want to see the most relevant document on the top of your document list, after having searched for a specific phrase, we will instead be changing the sort order of the search result list so that the documents are sorted by relevance.
  4. Default sort order of workspaces:
    • Currently, in MetaShare’s start page, the workspaces are shown in the order that SharePoint retrieves them, sorted by URL. We will instead sort the workspaces by their names.
  5. Block the possibility to upload empty documents:
    • If a document’s size is 0 kb, we will prevent it to be uploaded to MetaShare.
  6. Show a description text when hovering over a filter of type managed metadata:
    • In SharePoint a term set can have a description. We will soon show this description when you hover over a document filter, so that users can get an understanding of which terms to find in the filter and what the purpose of the filter is.

Features to be released in a near future

After having delivered the above release, we will focus on delivering the features listed below. They are listed in the current priority order but this might change, based on customer feedback.

  1. Be able to send documents for reviewal:
    • You will soon be able to select a document and choose to send it for a reviewal process. Document reviewers will get an e-mail notification and the documents will be shown to them in MetaShare’s tasks page.
  2. Be able to easier upload a new version of an existing document:
  3. Be able to rename a document during upload if a document with the same file-name already exists:
    • Today, when you upload a document whose file-name already exists in the workspace, you get the option to add it as a new version or to cancel the upload. In the future you will also get the option to rename the document, in order to upload it as a new document.
  4. Display “File size” as a column in the document view:
    • We will be making it possible to add “File size” as a column in the document view and make it sortable.
  5. Display a person’s “job title” in the People picker control:
    • Today, when adding a person in a people-picker control, you will see the name of the user and in a row beneath, you will see the user’s e-mail address. In the case when there are several users in an organization with the same name and to make it easier to differentiate the users, we will also be showing the user’s job title in this row.
  6. Free-text search option when searching for documents
    • Currently, the only way to conduct a free-text search, is to write the search query and then press the Enter button on your keyboard. To make it more intuitive for users, we will add an item, on the bottom of the suggested terms, with the syntax: “Search: [phrase]”
      Search for metadata tags/values
  7. Be able to type in a date in the date field:
    • Currently, the date field is only possible to fill in by browsing through the dates in the calendar view and thereafter selecting an appropriate date. We will soon make it possible to also type in a date in the field.
  8. Be able to toggle between compact view and all full view:
    • By default, MetaShare displays all documents in a compact view, making it easy to see all metadata columns on the screen without having to scroll horizontally. In this view some metadata values could be truncated and the only way to see all the values is to view the documents properties. This is however tedious if you want to see several documents metadata values. Instead, the plan is to add a toggling function between compact/full view, something similar to this:
      Compact mode
  9. Easier find documents after adding them to a workspace:
    • As documents that are moved between workspaces keep their original “Modified” date stamps, they will probably not be shown on the top of a workspace’s document list after they have been moved. The same thing applies if you create or upload documents with other metadata than shown in the document view. In the future, any added documents to a workspace (moved documents, uploaded documents or created documents) will always be shown on the top of the list, regardless of how the list initially is sorted or filtered.
  10. Changes to the “Open in” function:
    • If you are a new MetaShare user and thereby have not set a preferred application to open your documents in, you will be asked in which application you would like to open the document. You have the option to save your preference and thereby not get the question of which application to open your next documents with. If you have saved your preference and later would like to get the question of which application to open your documents, you can select a document and click on the “Open in” function and there choose to remove your preference.
  11. Remove the rotating cube when logging into MetaShare:
    • Currently when logging into MetaShare, MetaShare’s cube rotates over the whole screen till MetaShare’s start page is ready to be shown. We will be shortening down this process so that MetaShare’s top bar and tool bar will be shown and once the content is ready to be presented, it will be shown on the page. This also allows users to quicker access functions on the top bar, like sign out.
  12. Be able to filter on your favorite documents:
    • You will soon be able to select a document and choose to add it as a favorite. You will also be able to apply a filter to only show your favorite documents.
  13. Be able to filter on your favorite workspaces:
    • You will soon be able to select a workspace and choose to add it as a favorite. You will also be able to apply a filter to only show your favorite workspaces.
  14. Cross-workspaces tasks:
    • We will soon be making it possible to see all tasks that a user has been assigned, across all workspaces, from a tab on MetaShare’s start page.
  15. Tasks created by me:
    • In order to easier follow up on tasks that you have created, e.g. documents that you have submitted for approval, we will as well show them as tasks, for you, in MetaShare’s tasks page.
  16. Custom search scopes/tabs in cross workspaces document search:
    • We are also planning to add the option to define custom tabs in MetaShare’s start-page, presenting documents across all workspaces of certain types, in a predefined view.

Other features that we are considering to develop

These are some of the features that we are considering adding to MetaShare, but we have not yet prioritized them.

  1. Show which sort order is applied in the sort function on the tool bar:
    • To make it more visible for the end users, we will be writing out the applied sort order in the tool bar’s sort function.
  2. Be able to toggle between list view and thumbnail view:
    • By default, MetaShare displays all documents in a list view, making it easy to see all metadata columns on the screen. Our plan is to add the possibility to toggle to a thumbnail view, useful e.g., when browsing through media-files.
  3. Be able to define different document templates per workspace configuration:
    • In order to minimize the number of document templates to choose from, when creating new documents, we will make it possible to define different sets of templates to be used in different workspace configurations, so e.g., in a workspace for the board-members you will just see the templates that you will use in this workspace.
  4. Be able to append a value to a multiple value managed metadata column, when editing multiple documents properties:
    • If you today edit multiple documents’ properties and one of these columns is a multiple value managed metadata column, the changes that you have done are overwritten on all the selected documents. In the future you will instead have the option to append a value to any existing values.
  5. Be able to add a custom link, under the “Help” icon:
    • As many MetaShare users create their own customized help-pages that relate to their own business rules, we have been asked to provide the possibility to add a custom link that will be shown under the standard “Online Help” link:
      Options available today under the MetaShare help icon
  6. Be able to submit a document for approval to multiple individuals:
    • Currently you are just able to submit a document to one approver. If you want to send it to multiple users you need to submit the document a second time. We are planning to make it possible to submit the document to multiple users.
  7. Search for tags in MetaShare’s start page:
    • In the same way as you can search for a document tag, within a workspace, we will also make it possible to search for a workspace tag from MetaShare’s start page.
  8. Be able to automatically or semi-automatically delete documents, based on business rules: