Why MetaShare when you already have SharePoint?

SharePoint in Office 365 is a powerful tool, but it is not pre-configured for document management. The outcome when using basic SharePoint is likely that it will be even more difficult to find documents, since documents might be cluttered on different sites. It could even be more disorganized than it was from the beginning.

MetaShare will not replace SharePoint. The other way around, MetaShare actually uses SharePoint as the engine by using all of SharePoint’s powerful qualities while adding several extra features to enhance and simplify SharePoint’s ponderous interface.

With MetaShare on top of SharePoint you will:

  • Get started with document management in Office 365 faster and easier
  • Easier work, find, create and reuse documents – thanks to an intuitive interface and unique approach to document management
  • Save time, money and resources
  • Reduce the risk of document duplicates
  • Easier comply with regulations and be able to set up rules for automatic deletion and archiving

With MetaShare the organization ultimately saves time and costs, increases quality and reduces risks. This is hard to measure in just financial terms. A modern document management system will improve the operational efficiency and access to crucial content, as well as addressing quality and compliance activities and requirements.

What do you earn?

MetaShare means reduced costs compared to if you yourself or an IT consultant, configure SharePoint and are satisfied with the default interface.

Download our white paper “Why buy MetaShare when you have SharePoint” by entering your information in the form. It’s our hope this could bring some clarity on how to think and act.