Boosts Microsoft 365

There are many benefits to choosing a document management system based on Microsoft 365. MetaShare provides metadata-centric management of documents, boosting the entire ecosystem.

Work directly in Microsoft Teams

Enables a seamless experience for team members to quickly find and collaborate on relevant documents related to projects or departments.

Build your own solutions with Power Automate, Logic Apps, APIs, etc.

Because documents and metadata are stored in Microsoft 365, there are unlimited opportunities to create customized automations and integrations. While we encourage the continued use of MetaShare, it is important to note that your integrations with Microsoft 365 are not tied to your MetaShare subscription.

Taking advantage of the ecosystem

Since documents and metadata are stored in Microsoft 365, you can also benefit from products from other vendors within the same ecosystem. This includes, for example, backup solutions, integrations, intranets and much more.

Making the most of Copilot and AI

By promoting the use of document content tags, Copilot and other intelligent AI features in Microsoft 365 can identify connections between documents, people, and other content. Organizing content into workspaces with appropriate permissions not only improves security but also allows Copilot to deliver more accurate answers to users’ questions.

More possibilities with Microsoft Search

Since both content and metadata are stored in Microsoft 365, the material is indexed for use with Microsoft’s advanced search engine. By structuring the content in a systematic way, you can improve the user experience by delivering more relevant search results and refined search options. Users can benefit from MetaShare’s structure regardless of which Microsoft 365 app they use for their searches.