MetaShare vs. SharePoint

Today, most organizations use the content management platform SharePoint to manage documents, automate processes, and collaborate in workgroups.

Our MetaShare solution is installed on top of SharePoint and allows you to manage documents in a completely new way in Microsoft 365. MetaShare does not replace SharePoint. MetaShare uses SharePoint’s powerful engine and adds features that improve and simplify SharePoint’s interface.

Smart and intuitive interface

  • Easier to use – increased productivity.
  • Faster – fewer clicks to perform various actions.

Correct metadata tagging

  • Forcing users to set mandatory tags.
  • Easier filtering and navigation.
  • Automatic tagging of documents based on selected filters.
  • Free text search can be combined with document filtering.
  • Documents and collaboration workspaces are marked with the same method.

Access to document templates

  • Document templates are stored and maintained centrally.
  • Configure which templates to suggest to users.
  • Create documents from MetaShare or Office applications.
  • Documents created from templates are tagged and stored in the right place.

Smart document flows

  • Automatic reminders, such as review at review date.
  • Access to ready-made flows for approval and review.

Automated provisioning

  • Creates unified collaboration spaces, SharePoint sites and Teams.
  • No development costs involved.
  • Requires no system administrator.
  • Updates settings in one place – changes in metadata, views and other settings are applied to all collaboration surfaces and documents.

Low implementation cost

  • MetaShare is an “out-of-the-box” solution with no need for development. Quick and easy implementation.