Where does MetaShare store documents?
No documents are stored in MetaShare. They are stored in your Microsoft 365. More details can be found in the MetaShares architecture.

Will our documents remain if we uninstall MetaShare?
Your documents remain with the same metadata and permissions as before.

How to uninstall MetaShare?
An administrator can cancel your subscription and uninstall the app at any time.

Is personal data stored in MetaShare?
User names and names of workspaces, which may contain personal data, are stored in the MetaShares database. This is necessary to provide features such as reminders, etc. You can request the extraction or deletion of personal data at any time in accordance with Way’s privacy policy.

Does MetaShare have any security certification?
For your peace of mind, Microsoft has approved the security of MetaShare under the Microsoft 365 App Certification.

MetaShare is built on Microsoft 365, which itself adheres to a number of standards and regulations for security, such as ISO 27000, FDA CFR Title 21 Part 11, SOC.

Can you comply with GDPR, FDA CFR Title 21, ISO 27000, ISO 9000, with MetaShare?
MetaShare can be a great help for legal and regulatory compliance. Read more about how MetaShare facilitates compliance for different scenarios under solutions.

Is MetaShare accessible according to WCAG?
Accessibility is important to us and something we always take into account in our development with WCAG 2.1 AA as a benchmark. If you discovered accessibility issues in MetaShare, please contact us.

Is there language support in MetaShare?
MetaShare has language support for Swedish, English and German. More languages can be added on request.

Can MetaShare be used for PDF, CAD, DWG, etc.?
MetaShare has the same support for previewing and editing as Microsoft 365. In some cases, additional apps are required from the file format provider, such as Adobe or AutoDesk.

Can everyone see my documents in MetaShare?
MetaShare follows the permissions set in Microsoft 365. If you have uploaded documents to a workspace, they can only be seen by those who have access to that workspace.