Next generation document management

Breakthrough document management in Microsoft 365

MetaShare gör det möjligt för dig som använder Microsoft 365 eller SharePoint att slippa vardagliga arbetsutmaningar som att hitta i mappar, vara säker på att du jobbar i rätt dokument eller riskera att information hamnar i fel händer.

MetaShare is the brainchild of document management experts Ways. Learn more about how to unlock the potential of Microsoft 365 and create a smarter way of working.

Frictionless work

Finds all documents

Ensures a consistent approach

Make sure there are no duplicates


Deletes or archives old documents

Reminding you when it’s time to act

Continuous improvements fully automatic

Fewer risks

Ensuring you comply with laws and regulations

Ensures that documents are not lost

Resistant to reorganisation

How to get started

MetaShare är en tilläggstjänst för Microsoft 365 som är enkel att införa. Aktivera appen och kom igång!

Do it yourself

Implementing MetaShare is easy. In practice, this means that documents are tagged with metadata instead of being stored in different folders. It may sound difficult, but it’s quick and easy.

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We help you

If you wish to implement MetaShare according to a new structure, we will be happy to help you create and configure MetaShare based on it.

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MetaShare ensures that employees do not have to go through thousands of folders and that sorting and archiving happens automatically. In addition, it is easy to keep track of GDPR-classified documents. All at a much lower cost than developing your own system.