Service description

Terms and conditions

MetaShare’s terms and conditions can be found on this page.

System requirements

  • If you use MetaShare Online or Self-hosted MetaShare Online, the prerequisite is that your Office subscription has SharePoint Online Plan 1 or SharePoint Online Plan 2, currently included in these Office 365 plans:
    1. Business (Maximum of 300 users)
      • Microsoft 365 Business Basic, formerly known as Office 365 Business Essentials
      • Microsoft 365 Business Standard, formerly know as Office 365 Business Premium
    2. Enterprise (Unlimited number of users)
      • Office 365 Enterprise E1
      • Office 365 Enterprise E3
      • Office 365 Enterprise E5
      • Office 365 Enterprise F1
      • Office 365 Enterprise F3
    3. Education (Unlimited number of users)
      • Office 365 Education
    4. Government (Unlimited number of users)
      • Office 365 Government E1
      • Office 365 Government E3
      • Office 365 Government E5
  • If you use MetaShare Server, these are the supported SharePoint environments:
    1. SharePoint 2019 Server (Standard or Enterprise)
  • Web browsers: MetaShare is designed to work with the current version of these browsers:
    1. Microsoft Edge
    2. Google Chrome
    3. Safari
    4. Mozilla Firefox

MetaShare’s boundaries and limits

The limitations for the MetaShare service, file upload limits, list threshold values and storage limits, are based on the limitations of SharePoint. For details, see these online resources from Microsoft:

On this page we list some of the limitations that are related to document management in MetaShare: What limitations are there in Office 365, regarding document management?

For details about MetaShare specific limitations and known issues, see MetaShare’s known issues page.

Data storage and backup

All customer’s documents accessible through MetaShare are stored in SharePoint. Microsoft’s Data protection services are provided to prevent the loss of SharePoint Online data. All deleted content is stored in a recycle bin for 93 days. For longer data protection we recommend a third-party backup solution.

MetaShare activation

Activation of MetaShare does not take more than a few minutes. In order to activate MetaShare you however need to be a global administrator. Information about the actual MetaShare activation can be found in these pages:

  1. How to activate MetaShare
  2. Permissions that the MetaShare app requires

Maintenance, upgrades and updates of the Service

MetaShare is continuously developed with improvements and new features that will make MetaShare easier to use. In average we do 6 releases per year. Information about these updates are communicated a few days in advance, through e-mail, and are also listed in the MetaShare’s product roadmap page. For information about the latest MetaShare releases, see the release notes page.

MetaShare help

In MetaShare’s help page you find help within the following topics:

  1. MetaShare user manual
  2. MetaShare administration manual
  3. How to get started with MetaShare
  4. MetaShare FAQ
  5. Known issues with SharePoint/MetaShare

Open a support case

With an active MetaShare subscription, our customers’ MetaShare administrators have the right to open a support case. Depending on severity and type of support agreement, the response time will vary.

Types of support agreements

  1. Basic support
  2. Pay per use support
    • A response is guaranteed within 40 office hours.
    • You will be charged a support startup cost per case plus the time spent on the support cases.
  3. Premium support
    • A response is guaranteed within 8 office hours.
    • You will be charged on the time spent on the support cases.

MetaShare and GDPR

If you use MetaShare Server or or Self-hosted MetaShare online, all your documents, settings and customer information are stored in your own infrastructure. If you use MetaShare Online, then no customer information, data or content is stored in MetaShare, apart from these exceptions:

  1. Customer information used in the MetaShare activation process (e.g. the date of the MetaShare activation, the URL to customer’s SharePoint tenant and the administrator’s e-mail address).
  2. MetaShare’s configuration (e.g. which filters and columns to display in the user interface).
  3. For all the workspaces/sites that are accessible through MetaShare’s user interface, we also store their display names and their URLs.

MetaShare never store any of its customer’s documents or information about its users. Further description on how MetaShare manages GDPR.