MetaShare’s features facilitate the work of storing, uploading, searching, filtering, reading, updating and deleting documents.

Easy to find

MetaShare makes it easy to find, work with and reuse documents. Documents in MetaShare are organized with metadata. This means that the user does not have to know the entire long path in a complicated folder structure.

MetaShare enables several ways to intuitively find documents. You can filter on metadata and search free text in all documents in Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint and MetaShare. You do not need to know where the document is stored.

Saves time

MetaShare takes a few minutes to activate and a few hours to set up. Thereafter, MetaShare significantly shortens the time for document management.

MetaShare automatically applies a unified metadata structure, views, and settings to all workspaces. We call these configurations. For example, project managers can easily create their project project workspaces from a project configuration without the help of IT.

Changes to configurations update existing workspaces and exclude costly manual work and script programming. Minimal knowledge of SharePoint is required to maintain MetaShare configurations.

MetaShare supports many types of metadata fields, including a type that uses terms that are defined and maintained in SharePoint’s term store. If you change the name of, for example, contract to agreement, all documents are updated automatically. If you add a new term, it is available in all workspaces immediately.

Saves money

MetaShare is a pure document management solution whose only task is to create order, automate processes, save time and reduce risks. Still, MetaShare costs no more than the employee’s daily cups of coffee.

An employee spends about 25% of their daily working time looking for, or recreating documents *. Many times you do not find the document and thus recreate it unnecessarily. MetaShare finds all documents with one click and the waste time can instead be used to produce value.

MetaShare saves – low count – 15 minutes of working time per employee per day. For an organization with 100 employees, it will be 5,000 working hours a year **.

A user license for MetaShare costs approximately €0.03 per day (up to 100 users). A common cost estimate for brewed coffee is €0.01 per cup and for capsule coffee €0.03 per cup. Most people drink more cups of coffee a day.

* Source: The Economic Times

** 15 minutes × 200 working days × 100 employees = 5.000 working hours

Simplifies collaboration

It is easy to create workspaces in MetaShare that are configured based on purpose and working methods. MetaShare:

  • Gives you an overview of all the collaborative spaces you have access to.
  • Makes it possible to create and manage existing collaboration spaces without involving IT.
  • Each collaboration area can be marked based on designated roles and access permissions.
  • Makes it easy to co-edit documents.
  • Documents can easily be sent for review and / or approval.

Easy to follow regulations

MetaShare make it easy to follow rules such as GDPR, QHSE (quality, health, safety, environment) and/or ISO standards.

  • Confidentiality: Documents only available to authorized persons.
  • Accuracy: Documents are correct with protection against unwanted change.
  • Availability: Access at the request of the authorized.

Access to document templates

  • Document templates are stored and maintained centrally.
  • Configure which templates to suggest to users.
  • Create documents from MetaShare or Office applications.
  • Documents created from templates are tagged and stored in the right place.