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Implementing MetaShare is easy. In practice, implementing MetaShare means going from a folder structure to a metadata structure and that documents are tagged with metadata instead of being saved in different folders.

It may sound difficult but it goes quickly and smoothly. The time from project start to when you can start working in MetaShare is usually 1 to 3 weeks.

1. Choice of workspaces

Before implementing MetaShare, the organization needs to decide which workspaces to create. Factors that govern the choice of workspaces are, for example, requirements for access control.

2. Choice of structure

Each workspace then needs a structure. This is based on the organization’s choice of metadata fields / tags, which filters the documents should be marked with, which columns should be displayed, etc. MetaShare is configured based on these choices. Then the creation of the workspace takes place.

3. Moving documents

It’s easy to move documents from a file server or from SharePoint sites to one or more document workspaces in MetaShare. First you mark which documents are to be migrated, then a gradual transfer takes place.

4. Training

A MetaShare user training is recommended to carry out, prior to rolling out MetaShare within your organization.