Health status

MetaShare depends on the service health of Microsoft 365 and Azure. You can also get updates on Microsoft’s health status from Twitter (@MSFT365Status).

If there are no ongoing problems with Microsoft 365 and your problem is not listed here, check our known issues.

Ongoing problems

We have discovered an issue in PowerPoint’s desktop application that appeared after the latest Microsoft 365 (Office) updates. When PowerPoint documents are opened as Read-Only, using links built using Office URI Schemes, and the user tries to edit them by clicking “Edit Presentation” button:

An error is displayed:

This is not a bug in MetaShare, but is effecting our users, because MetaShare opens documents in Read-Only mode to prevent accidental updates. We have opened a Microsoft Service Request to get this issue resolved.

Temporary fix

We have decided that until this issue is resolved, MetaShare will open PowerPoint documents, in the desktop app, directly in edit mode. The fix was released on 9 March at 6:09 pm (CET). The change applies only to PowerPoint files and only when opening in desktop app, other Office file types are not affected by the issue and will still be opened in Read-Only mode, as will be the PowerPoint files opened in the browser.

Reported: 7 March 15:00 pm (CET)
Last update: 10 March 9:21 am (CET)

Previous resolved issues last 12 months

Issue impacting multiple Microsoft 365 services was causing delays and failures when accessing MetaShare

Microsoft had identified an issue impacting multiple Microsoft 365 services, including SharePoint Online, which was causing issues for MetaShare. More information about the issue can be found in admin portal under Microsoft 365 admin center – MO502273.

Reported: 25 January 8:30 am (CET)
Resolved: 25 January 3:43 pm (CET)

Some users encountered delays and failures when accessing MetaShare’s start page

There was a service degradation in Microsoft 365 that is caused issues for MetaShare – issue MO420476

Reported: 28 August 2022 7:38 am (CET)
Resolved: 3 August 7:28 am (CET)

Users encountered delays and failures when accessing MetaShare’s start page

Service degradation in Microsoft 365 (issue MO394389, initially issue SP394363) caused issues for MetaShare. Users encountered delays and failures when loading workspaces or documents on MetaShare’s start page.

Reported: 21 June 10:25 am (CET)
Resolved: 21 June 5:27 pm (CET)