How it works

Metadata is present in our everyday life without us thinking about it. For example, most e-commerce sites use metadata to make things easier for users. When shopping online, metadata helps you find what you want to buy by filtering and searching for the item. MetaShare works the same way.

  • Documents are tagged with different metadata when you create or upload a document, such as an agreement and customer or other metadata that is important for your business.
  • MetaShare helps the user find by searching and filtering. By (for example) filtering on agreements and customers, the user quickly finds the agreements that apply to a specific customer.
  • You choose which metadata you want to use and how you want to build your structure in MetaShare.

MetaShare is fully integrated with Office 365 and installs as a shell on top of Office 365 and SharePoint. In other words, MetaShare finds your documents no matter where they are stored in Office 365.

MetaShare also has other in-demand document management features not found in SharePoint, such as automatic reminders when it is time to act and automatic deletion and archiving.