8 August 2023

  1. Improved selection when document properties are open:
    • After the document properties form is opened for a single document it is possible to select another document and the properties form will be reloaded with the properties of the newly selected document. While the properties form is open it is not possible to select more than one document. Multiple selection is reenabled after the form is closed.
    • After the document properties form is opened for multiple selected documents (batch edit) it is possible to change the selection without the need to close the form. When the Save button is clicked, any changed properties in the form will be applied to all documents selected at this moment, not to the documents selected when the form was opened. The counter presented in the form is updated when selection changes to display the current number of selected documents.
  2. Refreshing documents in the list after they are updated or added:
    • After editing a document’s properties, the document will remain selected and it’s new properties will be shown in the document list without reloading the entire document list.
    • After editing multiple documents’ properties, the documents’ properties will be refreshed and they will be displayed at the top of the document list.
    • Any new documents added to a workspace (created from templateuploaded or pasted) will be presented on the top of the document list.
    • In all of these cases it may mean that documents are temporarily displayed under filters they are not matching, or no longer matching, or they are not sorted correctly. This behavior is consistent with how SharePoint libraries work and will help preventing situations when updates are not visible in the current view and users may incorrectly assume that documents disappeared. Whenever the page is refreshedthe list is sorted or any filter is applied or removed, the list will be reloaded and reflect the applied filter and/or sorting.
  3. Corrections:
    • Previously, when a document from a workspace was shared with a user that did no have permissions on the actual workspace, they could not open the task list in the workspace, even if there was a task associated with the document they had permissions to. This is now corrected so that the user will be able to open the task list and see tasks associated with documents they have permissions to.
    • Previously, the workspace properties form could show workspace metadata in another order than is defined in the workspace content type. This has now been corrected.