8 September 2017

Suggested document templates. In MetaShare settings, per workspace type, a new page is added where administrators can define suggested document templates per document type. When creating a new document, after having selected a document type that … Read more

29 August 2017

MetaShare now supports date columns in document new/upload/edit forms. The date column and its values can also be displayed in the document view.

23 August 2017

In MetaShare’s start page it is now possible to search for workspaces. The search-box is displayed on top of the list of workspaces, in the same location that it is displayed inside workspaces, for document search.

18 May 2017

Workspace types: MetaShare’s start page, now supports multiple workspace types. Workspace types define the workspace’s configuration (which columns to present in the document view, which document filters to apply and which content types to use). Workspace … Read more

29 March 2017

MetaShare now supports “person or group” columns in document upload/edit forms. The column and its values can also be displayed in the document view.

11 January 2017

New styling of the top-bar menu’s icons. Corrections If you had applied a term to a document and then deleted that term from the term store you would see this error message: “There was an … Read more

27 October 2016

New document’s properties prefilled from filters, new file type filter options, modified date filter