8 May 2018

  1. Add any SharePoint site to MetaShare: It is now possible to add any SharePoint site to MetaShare’s start page. Finally, you can organize your other SharePoint sites with metadata the same way as your workspaces. There are now two types of workspace configurations:
    • MetaShare workspace: Same document management functionality as before. All configurations that have been created before are of this type.
    • SharePoint site: These are links to existing SharePoint sites such as team sites or communication sites. You need at least one of these to use this new feature. In the workspace list, these workspaces are differentiated from MetaShare workspaces by a SharePoint site icon instead of a MetaShare site icon.
  2. Support for more than 5000 documents in a workspace.
    • New workspaces will support this immediately.
    • For existing workspaces you may have to manually add indexes to the document library if they have not already been automatically created by SharePoint.
  3. Workspaces are now listed in alphabetical order in MetaShare’s start page.