8 March 2019

  1. Edit metadata on multiple documents: You can now select multiple documents and edit their properties using the “Properties” function in the toolbar. In the document property form you can select which fields whose values you wish to replace. Non-marked fields will not be affected.
    Edit metadata on multiple documents
  2. MetaShare now supports uploading Microsoft OneNote Notebooks and that they now are managed the same way as in SharePoint.
  3. For MetaShare administrators:
    • “File Type” and “Name” are now removed from the “Document columns” page in MetaShare settings. In the previous release, 2019-01-23, we announced that these two columns will always be the first two columns in document views. They were however still visible in the “Document columns” page under MetaShare settings but are now removed from there, according to plan.
    • When changing the order of the selected content types on a workspace configuration they will be reordered accordingly in existing workspaces.