25 August 2018

  1. When uploading a single document you may now rename the file’s name before uploading it (the “Name” field is shown in the document form and its value is editable). When uploading several documents, the “Name” field is hidden and the documents keep their original file-names.
  2. The workspace title drop down has been replaced by a regular link to the start page of the actual workspace. This way you can easily reset filters and sort order by clicking on the workspace’s title.
  3. The Alerts button is now hidden if there are no alerts. This allows longer workspace titles to be shown on mobile devices.
  4. In the workspace’s toolbar, we have now added a new button called “Open in SharePoint”, that when clicked will open the workspace’s document library in SharePoint. This is useful for accessing features that are unique to SharePoint and also to be able to view other lists in the SharePoint site.
  5. Corrections:
    • Editing properties on a document should no longer fail if a term that has been applied to the document has been deleted from the term store.
    • The Document template field should no longer be listed twice when creating a new document.
    • Sometimes terms that start with the same characters as the selected filter would be included even if they are not children. This has now been corrected.