11 April 2019

  1. The “Alerts” function has been renamed to “Tasks” and has a new icon MetaShare's "Tasks" function. The functionality is same as before, see Managing document tasks
  2. To facilitate the operation of moving documents from one workspace to another a few enhancements have been done:
    • When documents are pasted into a workspace, using the “Cut” and “Paste” functions, the batch edit form is shown, enabling batch edits on selected metadata fields. Any metadata values from the source workspace that are available in the destination workspace will be copied but these could be overwritten by selecting any values in the batch edit form. If the destination workspace already has been pre-filtered on certain values, prior to the paste operation, the values will also be pre-filled in the document property form:
      Pasting documents in a workspace
    • If the source and destination workspaces have different configurations and the destination workspaces is configured to just have one content type, the moved documents will be changed to that content type. Because of this, pasted documents that do not have values on required fields will be shown under “Tasks“.
  3. From MetaShare, you have been able to access Help, Feedback & About, when clicking on the MetaShare's "Help" icon icon in MetaShare’s top bar:
    Elements under the MetaShare "Help" icon
    The help pages that you get to, after having clicked on “Help” menu, have been rewritten and rearranged to four sections: User Manual, Admin Manual, FAQ and Known Issues. On the top of these sections you can also search for help-topics.
    Pages under MetaShare Help
    Please take your time to dig into the information available here and if there’s some information that is unclear or missing, don’t hesitate to let us know.
    In the same way we have also rewritten and restructured the pages that you get to when you click on the “About” menu, into these five sections: About, Service Description, Terms and Conditions, Upcoming Releases and Release Notes.
    Pages under About MetaShare