27 November 2017

  1. On devices with cursors, if a term has a defined description (in the term store), the description will be displayed as a tool-tip, when hovering over a term in a document filter or when hovering over a term in a managed metadata column in a document’s property form. The tool-tip will also be displayed in the MetaShare setting pages for suggested templates and suggested document types.
  2. MetaShare now supports choice columns, of radio-button style, in document’s new/upload/edit forms. The choice column and its values can also be displayed in the document view and as a document filter.
  3. Improved performance on MetaShare settings. Earlier, when navigating to the settings page, all MetaShare settings would be retrieved from the database, which could in larger configurations be time-consuming. Now the specific settings are retrieved, while navigating between the different sections in MetaShare settings.
  4. Corrections:
    • When a documents file extension was in upper-characters, the tool-bar’s “Open” function did not get displayed.
    • When opening PowerPoint documents using the the tool-bar’s “Open” function, the “Open in PowerPoint” option was misspelled.
    • The funnel icon, displayed to the left of a column header in MetaShare, when a filtering had been applied to that column, is now shown again.
    • The “Search in all locations” function, triggered by free-text searching in a workspace and then clicking on the link “Show results from all locations“, did not function correctly if the search phrase was changed without reloading the page.
    • In small devices, drop-downs in document-forms could in some situation float outside the form.