29 January 2018

  1. Documents that do not open in Office Web Apps or in any associated client application, e.g. e-mails (msg), images (jpg, png, ai, bmp, psd, gif, ico, tif), videos (mp4, mov, wmv), compressed files (rar, zip. 7z), dwg-, txt-, xml-, log- and html-files are now opened in SharePoint’s web viewer, making it possible to open documents without an appropriate client-application installed on the computer and enabling functions such as correct image rotations.
    SharePoint's web viewer
  2. Document- and workspace views are now more compressed (left aligned and not as before, evenly distributed along the screen). Also, columns now have a maximum width of 320 px, preventing one or more columns, with a lot of information, to make the table difficult to read.
  3. The document actions have been reordered based on the frequency these functions are used. The order is now: Open, Properties, Version history, Publish, Download & Delete.MetaShare's reordered document actions
  4. When opening MetaShare, before having been logged on, users could previously see a flickering error-message being displayed while being redirecting to the login page.
  5. In MetaShare settings, where users can drag and drop elements (content types, columns and filters) between two zones (available and selected) the names of the different elements are now shown in bigger boxes, if they have long names and line-breaks have therefore been applied. The elements under the available column are now also sorted alphabetically, making it easier to find elements.
  6. Values of managed metadata columns are now, if their corresponding term set is set to display terms in a custom sort order, displayed in the custom sort order, both in document filters and in the document property form (the managed metadata control).
  7. Corrections:
    • Managed metadata columns that were configured to be open (allow ‘fill-in’ choices) and single value (not allow multiple values) could earlier not be cleared after they had gotten a value.
    • If normal users without workspace creator permissions, in MetaShare’s start page, filtered on a workspace type that they did not have workspaces of, they would earlier get an error notification saying that the resource does not exist.
    • If a managed metadata column would be empty (without any terms), and users would try to upload a document or edit a document’s properties, they would earlier get an error message.
    • If someone tried to delete a document that was locked for editing, or was checked out to another user, they would previously get an error message saying that an unknown error had occurred. Now they will instead get a meaningful message in the notification bar.