23 January 2019

  1. Cut and paste:
    • You can now select one or more documents from a workspace and move them to another workspace using two new functions “Cut” MetaShare's "Cut" function and “Paste” MetaShare's "Paste" function. This is especially useful after migrating your old file servers to an archive workspace that is set to a read-only state. Whenever old documents are needed, users will just move them from the archive workspace to an active workspace.
    • The documents’ “Created”, “Created By”, “Modified” and “Modified By” will be copied from the source to the destination.
  2. Improved usability of tables:
    • Table headers are now sticky. If you scroll down on a list, the table headers will be sticky, so it is easy to tell which column you are looking at. Useful when scrolling down a long list and/or on a small screen. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Internet Explorer.
    • There is no longer horizontal scrolling on mobile devices in portrait mode and all columns to the right of the Name column are now hidden. To be able to scroll horizontally and see all columns, simply tilt your mobile device to landscape mode.
  3. “File Type” and “Name” always shown in workspaces:
    • Before this release it was possible to remove “File Type” and “Name” from document views. This will now longer be possible. From now these two columns are always the first columns that are shown in document views. Your custom columns will be displayed to the right of the “Name” column, in the order that you have configured them.
    • These two columns are now still shown in the “Document columns” page under MetaShare settings. They are ignored for now and will be removed from the page in an upcoming release.