21 November 2018

  1. The “Open in SharePoint” button has been moved to the top bar and it opens the start page of the SharePoint site. This change was made based on feedback from MetaShare users.
    MetaShare's "Open in SharePoint" icon
  2. Lookup threshold – To help you avoid the lookup threshold limitation in SharePoint we have implemented the following changes:
    • Show a descriptive error message when clicking Properties for a document and there are too many columns in the list.
    • Prevent adding too many document columns to a workspace configuration.
  3. Restore deleted workspaces – The delete workspace function has changed so that a workspace is never permanently deleted from MetaShare’s database. Restoring a workspace is now done by creating workspace with the same site collection URL. This makes restoring from a third party backup possible. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  4. Improved reliability – Previously some random errors could occur when opening a workspace or when opening a document’s properties. Most of these have been due to the term store in SharePoint Online not being available for very short periods of time. We have taken measures so that you in the future should see these errors considerably less frequently.