25 November 2022

  1. German language support:
    • MetaShare’s interface is now available in German, in addition to previously supported English and Swedish. MetaShare will use German when it is set as browser’s preferred language. We will continue to improve our German translations.
  2. Corrections:
    • Previously when a browser’s preferred language was different from Swedish or English, terms in managed metadata filters in the workspaces and in edit forms’ drop-downs, were not translated correctly, instead they were displayed in the term store’s default language. From now on, as long as translations for browser’s preferred language are set in the term store, terms will be translated into that language.
    • Terms in the drop-downs, for selecting values for managed metadata fields, were in some situations not sorted alphabetically; this has now been corrected.
    • Office document’s Author field was previously not being populated, when creating documents from templates; this has now been corrected.
    • We have noticed that sorting by content type does not work in SharePoint document libraries and therefore this is not possible in MetaShare workspaces either, so we have now disabled the possibility to sort by content type in MetaShare’s user interface.