MetaShare Orbit

Managing documents with archiving requirements can be challenging and time-consuming. Manual handling is often required to assess whether a document should be archived or deleted.

MetaShare Orbit manages the archiving and deletion work in Microsoft 365 fully automatically according to the organization’s set rules. Documents that are archived are automatically moved to an archive area.


  • Archiving documents to be preserved and deleting those to be deleted
  • Archiving and deletion is done automatically according to set rules
  • Ensures that all documents are current and relevant
  • Saving time, complying with regulations and keeping documents in order

How it works

  • Documents are archived daily based on set rules
  • Archived documents do not disappear, but are automatically moved to an archive area
  • Activities are logged daily for an overview of documents archived and deleted
  • MetaShare Orbit only requires a standard license for Microsoft 365