20 May 2020

  1. Easier document sharing:
    • Share an internal link to a document:
      Instead of right-clicking a document and selecting the “Copy link address option“, you can now click on a new “Share” function:
      MetaShare's "Share" function
      On the modal window, click on the “Copy link” button:
      Share an internal link to a document
      Only users with existing access will be able to open the document (the link does not extend the access to the document).
      This function also makes it possible to copy the link to a document that is displayed in a MetaShare tab in Microsoft Teams.
    • Share a public link to a document:
      If a workspace is configured for external sharing, you get the option to select “External link” and then decide whether to allow/restrict editing:
      Share a public link to a document
      This function makes it easier to share documents externally without having to send the documents as attachments in e-mails and it is equivalent to the “Anyone” link in Office 365.
    • Share a link to a document view:
      Instead of copying the URL in the address-bar (the the link to the document view), you can now copy the view’s link by clicking on the “Copy link” function in the function bar:
      MetaShare's "Copy link" function
      This function is just visible if no documents are selected.
      Only users with existing access will be able to access the document view (the link does not extend the access to the documents).
  2. Document cache for performance improvement:
    • Documents that have been shown in a document view are now cached so if you later unselect the filters or filter on a previously used filter, the documents will be rendered instantly.
  3. Show a tag’s parent in the document property form:
    • If a managed metadata tag is a child of another tag (the tags are organized in a hierarchical structure), we now show the tag’s parent in the in the document property form and when you search for a tag. We do this to be able to differentiate terms, if they have the same name but are located under different parents:
      the tags' parents are shown
  4. Enhancement to document creation:
    • Previously, when creating a document from a document template, you had to wait till the document was displayed on the top of the document list, before you could open it. To make it quicker to open a created document, the document’s link is now directly shown on the document creation form, with a button to open it:
      New document created
  5. Support for deprecated terms:
    • A term that has been deprecated is not be shown as a value in an expanded document filter. If existing documents were tagged with the term and the term is shown in a document view, it can however be clicked on and used as a filter:
      A deprecatet term
      Deprecated terms are not able to be used on new documents but old documents, that earlier were tagged with the term, before it was deprecated, will still be able to have the term, even when their document properties are edited.
  6. Increased spacing between document columns:
    • To make it easier to see all metadata in a workspace’s document view, when working on devices with a high screen resolution (wider than 1 920), we have widened the maximum column width of certain columns (managed metadata, choice and single line of text columns).
      • The old column width:
        Previous maximum column width in MetaShare
      • The new column width:
        Current maximum column width in MetaShare
  7. Search box enhancements:
    • We have widened the search box, on devices with high resolution (wider than 640 pixels).
      • The old search-box width:
        The old search-box
      • The new search box width:
        The new search box
    • In the previous MetaShare release we cleared any added search-phrase in the search-box when you cleared all filters. We now also clear this search-phrase if a user reloads a workspace or if a user selects any other filter.
  8. Searching using dates will use the site’s time zone:
    • Previously, when searching for documents in a workspace using date-search, e.g. “Created=2020-04-01”, MetaShare would display all documents that match the query in UTC time zone. Now MetaShare displays the documents that match the site’s time zone.
  9. Redesigned top-bar icons:
    • The icons on MetaShare’s top bar have been slightly redesigned.
      • The old top-bar:
        Old top-bar icons
      • The new top-bar:
        New top-bar icons
  10. Cancel button shown in property forms:
    • We have placed a “Cancel” button in the property forms so that users do not need to scroll to the top to close a form:
      Cancel button shown in property forms
  11. Corrections:
    • Combining a document search with a file type filtering on “Other File Types” showed file types such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This has now been corrected.
    • Previously, if you conducted a document search, you could later click on any of the column-headers in the document view to sort the documents by the column. In the user interface an arrow would be presented, next to the column, but in reality the sorting was not applied. As there are certain constraints with this use case, we have disabled the sorting function as soon as a search has been conducted.