16 March 2020

  1. Open Office documents in read-only mode:
    • When users open Office document, in most cases, they just want to read the content of the document and not risk that the built-in auto-save functionality in Office accidentally saves a new version of the document. Therefore we now open all Office documents in read-only mode. To edit a document users will:
      • In the Desktop App – click on an “Edit Document” button displayed on the message bar on the top of the document:
        Click on an "Edit Document" button, to edit the document
      • In the browser: click on an “Edit Document” function in the toolbar:
        Click on an "Edit Document" function in the toolbar, to edit the document
  2. Be able to set preferred applications to open documents in:
    • To make it easier to open documents, in your preferred application (e.g. to always open Office documents in the Desktop App instead of the browser), we have added a personal preference, per browser session, so that you can have different preferences on your laptop as opposed to your mobile device.
    • When clicking on a document, it will always open in your selected default application (if no selection is made, it will open in the browser).
      If you instead mark a document and click on the “Open in” function in the tool bar:
      MetaShare's "Open in" function
      You get the option to choose which application to open the document in and if you mark the checkbox, MetaShare will remember your preference.
      MetaShare's "Open in" dialogue window
  3. Be able to access MetaShare from Microsoft Teams web app:
  4. Increased reliability when more than 500 documents match a search query:
    • If you conduct a free text search and there are more than 500 results that match your query, SharePoint search will just retrieve the 500 most relevant documents related to your query. If you conduct a subsequent document filtering on your search results, MetaShare will just be able to show the documents that match the combined results among these 500 most relevant documents, even if there might be more documents in SharePoint that match the combined query. When conducting a free text search, we now also use search for subsequent filters, enforcing that the retrieved documents always show the correct results.
  5. Search box enhancements:
    • In the previous MetaShare release we made it possible to edit the search-phrase of a conducted search, by moving back the searched phrase to the search box when removing a search. In this release we clear this search-phrase if a user clears all filters.
  6. Improved error message if SharePoint is throttled:
    • If SharePoint, for some reason, is throttled, we now show this message: “SharePoint is not available due to high load. Please try again in a few minutes.”
      Instead of the earlier generic message: “Something went wrong. Please try again.”