17 June 2021

  1. Be able to receive an alert when a document’s “due date” has passed:
    • Due date tasks are good for keeping track of documents that expire or need to be reviewed after some period of time such as contracts or policies. When a document’s due date has passed, the reviewer(s) get an e-mail notification and a task is shown in MetaShare’s tasks page.
  2. Be able to filter on multiple tags/values of the same type:
  3. Show multiple value managed metadata fields’ tags in multiple lines:
    • In order to see all values that a document has been tagged on, for a multiple value managed metadata fields, the column’s width is increased and values are shown in multiple lines if they do not fit the fixed width.
  4. Support for “Number” columns:
    • MetaShare now supports “Number” columns (a single line of text field that only permits numeric values). These columns are shown in MetaShare’s document property forms and they can also be shown in a workspace’s document view.
  5. Enhancement to the documents’ batch edit form:
    • If you have selected multiple documents and click on the “Property” function in the toolbar, the documents’ batch edit form will be displayed. If the document library has “orphaned” columns (columns that previously have been used but are not to be used anymore), these orphaned columns were previously shown in the document property form. These orphaned columns are not shown anymore.
  6. Search based results when there are more than 5 000 documents:
    • If a filter in a workspace matches more than 5 000 documents, MetaShare will now add a wildcard search (*) and proceed with a search-results view, as a workaround for SharePoint’s list view threshold limitation. A descriptive message is also displayed in the message bar.
  7. Be able to share a document that is read-only:
    • Previously, the “Share” button was not shown when a document was read-only, for the logged in user. We have now changed this so that any documents can be shared.
  8. Be able to add Content type as a document filter and a document column:
    • If your workspace is of a configuration that has more than one document content type, you are now able to add “Content type” as a document filter and as a document column in the document view.