19 September 2022

  1. Fullscreen toggle:
    • We have introduced a fullscreen toggle in the toolbar, which will allow users to hide the top bar and the filter menu to see more columns in the lists:
      Enter fullscreen mode
      Once expanded, users can toggle back to show the hidden elements again:
      Exit fullscreen mode
      When MetaShare is displayed in embedded mode in Teams, with the top bar and the filter menu hidden by default, the fullscreen toggle allows users to display these elements so that they can change the preselected filters to find different content.
  2. Support for Groups in People or Group columns:
    • Previously, when editing document properties, it was only possible to select people in the people picker, even if the field was configured to allow people and groups. Now the people picker also allows searching for and selecting groups.
  3. Support for “Document ID”:
  4. New link label under the search box:
    • When you searched for documents from MetaShare’s start page, MetaShare previously displayed a link with the label “Show results from all locations”. As this link actually opens a new tab with the search results shown in SharePoint’s standard search results page, the link’s label is now renamed to “Show results in SharePoint”:
      Show results in SharePoint
  5. Corrections:
    • Our previous release introduced an issue where it was not possible to update document properties when one of the People or Group columns was tagged with a user that no longer exists. This could usually happen when documents were migrated and the user no longer exists in the organization. This issue is now resolved.