18 May 2022

  1. Enhancements to the submit for approval function:
    • A document can be submitted for approval only to users that have permissions to edit the document. If you try to send to a user that does not have the appropriate permissions, you will be notified:
      Selected user does not have permissions to approve the document
    • Users with only read permissions on a document will no longer be able to submit the document for approval.
    • Checked out documents cannot be submitted for approval.
  2. Default language and locale settings
    • It is now possible to set default language and locale in MetaShare’s general settings:
      MetaShare's general language settings
    • It is now possible to set a different default language and locale for each workspace category. Category setting is prefilled with MetaShare’s general settings for default language and locale:
      A MetaShare configuration's language settings
  3. From now on all new workspaces will be based on modern team sites.
  4. Corrections:
    • Previously, in some situations when moving documents between different workspaces open in different browser tabs, the moved document was still visible in the source workspace. It disappeared only after refreshing the browser-tab. This is now corrected so that the tab automatically removes files that have been moved from the workspace.
    • Previously, when a workspace had more than 5 000 documents in the document library’s root folder, the folder filter was not showing any folders. This is now corrected, but the prerequisite is that the “Content type” column is first indexed in the workspace’s document library.