1 July 2022

MetaShare as a Microsoft Teams app

    • Previously it was possible to connect MetaShare to a channel’s tab in Teams, using the out-of-the-box “Website” app. This method of connecting MetaShare to Teams did have some limitations which we now have addressed in a MetaShare Teams app that was recently approved by Microsoft and is available to add from Microsoft Teams’ App store.
    • The MetaShare Teams app provides Single Sign-On to MetaShare and can be added:
      • to Microsoft Teams’ app bar (the left navigation bar):
        MetaShare as a personal app in Teams
      • as a tab in an channel:
        MetaShare as a tab in team's channel
  1. Here you find instructions on how to connect MetaShare to Teams.
  2. If you previously have created MetaShare channel tabs using the out-of-the-box “Website” app, you might want to consider replacing them with the new MetaShare Teams app.