10 March 2022

  1. Enhancements to folders (if a workspace is configured to manage document folders):
    •  Folder column in the document view
      • “Folder” can now be added as a column in the document view inside of workspaces. Folder column can be used to sort documents by their location and values of that column can be clicked to set Folder filter.
    • Filtering on a Folder will include documents within subfolders:
      • Until now when folder filter was selected only documents from the selected folder were shown. From now on all documents located in the selected folder as well as in any of it’s subfolders will be displayed.
    • Corrections:
      • Previously, if you selected a folder and conducted a free-text search within the folder, you would not see any results. Now search results will be displayed.
      • Previously, documents that were located in a folder could not be moved to the root-folder (moved out of the subfolder). Now it is possible.
  2. Workspace categories with custom site templates
    • It is now possible to assign a custom site template (previously known as site designs) to a specific workspace configuration. Selected site template will be applied to the site after a workspace is created, making it possible to further automate the provisioning of content and logic in newly created workspaces.
  3. MetaShare as a Microsoft Teams app
    • Until now it was possible to add MetaShare as a “Website” tab in a Teams’ channel by following these instructions. Soon you will find “MetaShare” app listed among other available apps to add as a tab in a channel and/or in Teams’ left navigation bar. This new app provides Single Sign-On to MetaShare. If you would like to make the new Teams app available in your tenant already now, you will have to publish a Teams app to your organization’s store, contact us for instructions. Within soon this app will however be available directly from the Microsoft Teams Store.