9 December 2021

  1. The “Documents” tab on MetaShare’s start page now shows documents across all MetaShare workspaces, SharePoint sites and OneDrive:
    • Previous functionality:
      • When you selected the “Documents” tab on MetaShare’s start-page, you came to an empty page with a search box:
        Current search for documents
      • After having conducted a search, a new browser tab opened up, showing all documents that matched the query, in SharePoint’s standard search results page:
        Search results in standard SharePoint
    • Current functionality:
      • Directly on the “Documents” tab we present a list of all the documents that the logged in user has access to, showing the latest modified ones on the top of the list:
        MetaShare's new document tab
      • By default, we show a standard view with these standard SharePoint filters/columns: File type, Modified, Modified by & Created. From MetaShare settings, you can decide which of these to show as columns and/or filters and you are also be able to define which other metadata fields to show as filters/columns in this aggregated document view, e.g. Workspace, Document type & Created by so that the page can look somewhat like this:
        Customized documents tab
        Instructions are found on these 2 admin manual pages:
      • You are able to search and/or filter your documents, similar to how you do within a workspace:
        MetaShare's new document tab, after a document search and filter
        There are some differences though:
        • You only see filters and filter values that are applicable to the documents that you have access to, based on any applied filter/search, so selecting any value under a specific filter will always show you at least one document.
        • When you open a filter, the values are sorted by relevance (the value with most occurrences will be shown on the top of the filter) and the number of documents matching the value is shown, in parentheses, to the right of the value:
          Refiner values with counters
        • Once you have filtered/refined on a value, you are able to deselect your filter by clicking on the “X” or by selecting the “All” option:
          Deselect a refiner or show all values
        • If a specific metadata field allows multiple values, you are able to filter on documents that are tagged with more than one value:
          Filter on several values
      • From the “Documents” tab, after having selected a document, you get these options:
        Function in the Documents tab
        • The “Show in” function does the following:
          • If the site is a MetaShare workspace, the function’s name is “Show in workspace”. If you click on it, the document’s workspace will open and a filtering will be applied, just showing the selected document.
          • If the site is a OneDrive site, the function’s name is “Show in OneDrive”. If you click on it, OneDrive will open in a separate tab.
          • If the site is a regular SharePoint site, the function’s name is “Show in SharePoint”. If you click on it, the document’s SharePoint site will open in a separate tab.
        • These document functions are available in the toolbar: “Properties”, “Version history”, “Download” and “Open in”.
          • Document functions that, in this release, are not displayed in the “Documents” tab will later be added, e.g., “Share”, “Submit for approval” and “Delete”. For now, to access these functions, you will have to select the document, select the “Shown in workspace” function and then access these document functions from the workspace’s toolbar.
  2. Default sort order of workspaces:
    • Previously, in the workspaces tab of MetaShare’s start page, the workspaces were sorted by their URL. Now they are instead sorted by their workspace names. Based on search limitations, this will however only apply if you have less than 50 workspaces.
  3. Sort on relevance after having conducted a search query:
    • Previously, the default sort order of documents in a workspace, after having conducted a search query, was the documents’ modified date, descending order. As you probably want to see the documents that are most relevant to what you are searching for, on the top of the list, we have now changed the sort order so that the documents are sorted by relevance. This sort order also applies when searching for documents/workspaces from MetaShare’s start page.
  4. Decreased spacing between columns:
    • MetaShare previously had a minimum width on certain types of columns. This led to unnecessary white space in certain workspaces. We therefore removed this fixed width and hope that the document views are now more optimal to the content that is being displayed in them.
  5. Block the possibility to upload folders or empty documents:
    • When dragging and dropping folders to a workspace or if you try to upload a document that is empty (its file-size is 0 kb), you get a notification that folders and empty documents cannot be uploaded:
      Block the possibility to upload folders or empty documents
  6. Better user experience in large workspaces:
    • Previously, when opening a workspace with more than 5 000 documents, filters that were not indexed were disabled. As MetaShare, since the previous release (2021-06-17), automatically shows search-based results when there are more than 5 000 documents, we do not any longer need to disable these filters, so you will now always be able to use any filters.
  7. Corrections:
    • In some specific cases, saved workspaces-links (bookmarks) could show incorrect data, when clicking on them. This is now fixed.