MetaShare as a Contract Management System

Girl uses MetaShare

You will gain increased control over the organization’s agreements and reduce the risk of not terminating or extending agreements in time. The owner of an agreement is reminded when an agreement is about to expire, to be able to renegotiate or terminate the agreement.

In MetaShare, you can manage all types of agreements, e.g. supplier agreements, customer agreements, partner agreements, service agreements, framework agreements, consulting agreements and employment agreements. Contract management is simple, structured and provides a complete picture of the contract situation.

Some of the benefits of managing your contracts in MetaShare are:

  • The agreements can be categorized by multiple dimensions, e.g. process, function, or department, making it easy to find agreements across your organization
  • It is easy to upload and create agreements based on MetaShare’s suggested templates feature
  • When agreements are about to expire you will automatically be notified with MetaShare tasks and receive e-mail reminders
  • You will very clearly see who has contractual responsibilities within your organization
  • When agreements are tagged with counterparts, you will get a counterpart register

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