Contract management

Managing contracts and legal documentation can be complicated, time consuming and risky.Contract management in MetaShare allows you to centralize, organize and review all contracts in one place, simplifying management, reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

Contract management in MetaShare ensures:

  • Access to the latest contract templates
    MetaShare gives you instant access to the latest contract templates, centralizes document template management and automatically suggests the right template based on your needs, and allows you to create contracts directly in MetaShare with ease and efficiency.
  • Accuracy of the contracts
    MetaShare ensures the accuracy of contracts through versioning with full traceability.
  • Confidentiality of contracts
    MetaShare ensures the confidentiality of contracts through proper authorization management.
  • Availability of contracts
    MetaShare ensures the availability of the contracts by offering easy searching as well as efficient categorization and filtering, allowing you to quickly find what you are looking for.
  • Simplified cooperation with colleagues and counterparts
    MetaShare simplifies collaboration with colleagues and counterparts through co-editing, commenting, review flow, approval flow and the possibility of electronic signing, for example with Scrive.
  • That the agreements are tagged
    MetaShare ensures that contracts are carefully tagged with the correct metadata for verification. You can set your own rules for mandatory fields, such as owner, compliance requirements and monitoring dates.
  • Complete control
    In MetaShare, you get complete control over your contracts, those that need to be terminated, renegotiated, extended or checked for compliance. You can set one or more monitoring dates based on your specific needs.

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