We thought there must be smarter ways than folders

HSB is Sweden’s leading member-owned housing operator for housing savings, financing, construction and management with regional associations across the country. HSB Södertörn had long seen challenges with an ever-growing folder structure on the file server. If a folder was accidentally moved and was difficult to find, the same folder was recreated and ultimately the structure was unsustainable from both a security and efficiency perspective. Instead of cleaning and rebuilding the folder structure from scratch, HSB Södertörn realized that there had to be a smarter way to manage documents than saving them in folders.

“MetaShare has been just as good as it seemed”

After being introduced to MetaShare during a webinar, HSB Södertörn realized that they were getting closer to a solution. Tagging documents with metadata certainly involved a whole new way of thinking, but after a break-in period with MetaShare, even the biggest skeptics were positive. Today, documents are found quickly and easily and for many of the employees it is unthinkable to go back to working in a folder structure.