Enterprise search

One of the key features of MetaShare is its powerful and flexible search function, which allows users to quickly find relevant documents that may be scattered in Microsoft 365, across different SharePoint sites, different teams in Microsoft Teams and in OneDrive.

How it works

MetaShare’s search function is based on Microsoft’s search engine but is further developed into what we call Enterprise Search. MetaShare improves and adds features to make it easier and faster for users to find documents.

Enterprise search in MetaShare, main features:

  • Metadata-based search
    MetaShare is a document management platform centered around metadata. It ensures that users add relevant metadata to their documents. Through metadata, users can then search, filter and sort search results to quickly find what they need.
  • Free text search
    The search results show documents containing the searched word, either in the documents’ metadata or in free text within the documents themselves.
  • Free text search in combination with filtering
    Once you have performed a search, you can also combine it with filtering on metadata. This will show only relevant filter options based on your search term.
  • Advanced search
    Users can also select multiple keywords and combine them with Boolean operators, such as AND, OR and NOT. Metadata-based search helps users search large sets of documents.
  • Number of documents
    When searching, the number of documents belonging to each filter is also displayed, so before the user chooses to refine the search result, they know how many documents will appear in the result.
  • Search proposals
    MetaShare offers search suggestions that give users suggestions of tags to filter on while typing their search query. The search suggestions also include synonyms, acronyms and abbreviations to broaden the user’s vocabulary and facilitate access to relevant documents.
  • Share/Save a search
    A completed search is also saved in the address bar (url) so users can either save search results as favorites in the browser or share with colleagues as a link in an email or chat in Microsoft Teams. A saved search can also be posted as a tab in a channel in Microsoft Teams, by pasting the copied address into the MetaShares Teams app page.
  • Clear search results
    MetaShare displays the search results in a tabular view where the metadata of the documents are shown in different columns such as name, type and author. Results are sorted by relevance, but the user can easily change the sort order as needed, for example by creation date or document name.
  • Find SharePoint, Teams or MetaShare sites
    In the same way that MetaShare makes it easier for users to manage and find documents, MetaShare also makes it easier for users to manage and find sites, as these are also given metadata and in the search interface for sites, these are also displayed in a table view with metadata as columns and as filters.