MetaShare improves your quality and management system

Are you thinking of a new management system that will meet requirements within e.g. the different ISO standards? Do you want to visualize the business processes while creating order on governing documents, instructions and other important documents?

By offering the user both a graphical interface, in the form of a process map, and a smart filtering app, it becomes easy to understand how the organization processes looks and is connected. It will be easier to find governing and supportive people information. Users can also register suggestions for improvements and deviations to contribute to the continuous improvement of the organization.

You can access the process map and documents via a simple, intuitive user interface that works on all devices – whether you work on a computer, tablet or mobile, which makes it easier to access important information when you really need it.

Our MetaShare solution in Microsoft Office 365 gives you excellent support for easily creating order in documents that are addressed according to requirements from laws, regulations and standards. To support a process-mapped activity, you can tag documents for the activities that need to be created in the process. It will be easy to maintain the process structure by relating the right document to the right process.

There is also opportunity to work with recurring review of the system’s content and that communicate out and ask for a reading receipt for new or updated information.

2c8 Apps

2c8 Apps allow you to describe and communicate your process flows, organization charts and other models across your organization in a way that is easy to absorb. At the same time, a sufficient amount of information is offered by the user being able to delve into details as needed and follow links to documents and other systems.

You can define external documents in MetaShare in document links. This way you get the best of both worlds.

  • 2c8 Apps create consensus in the organization, increase transparency and give you the opportunity to streamline working methods and processes. All this is gathered in the world most user-friendly modeling tools.
  • MetaShare document management carries the documents and offers all target groups a simple and logical access to documents and has all the update features like smart document management should offer.

Example – to obtain documents by navigating in the management system’s process map

Then all documents belonging to that process are displayed, note that the tag Function: 4 Support: is selected

Example – to navigate directly in the document management system by filtering. This is the same selection you made above, ie the tag Function: 4 Support: is selected. Plus you have also chosen to filter on Document Type: Instruction / Checklist.