Project workspaces

Documentation is a fundamental part of the process in every project and proper document management can be crucial to the success of the project. Using MetaShare in projects has a positive impact on the efficiency, quality and transparency of project work.

MetaShare in projects is designed to organize, track and manage all project-related documents in a structured and user-friendly way.

Project spaces in MetaShare means:

  1. Centralization of documents: Gathering all project-related documents in a central area makes it easier for project members to find and use the necessary information. This reduces the risk of documents being lost or multiple versions circulating.
  2. Customized project site: MetaShare for projects can be adapted to different types of projects and thus categorized differently with different regulations.
  3. Security and authorization: MetaShare provides the ability to restrict access to project information based on users’ permissions. Sensitive information can be secured and only authorized persons have access.
  4. Version control: MetaShare keeps track of different versions of documents, making it easy to go back to previous revisions if necessary. Minimizes the risk of losing changes.
  5. Collaboration: MetaShare offers collaboration features such as simultaneous editing, comments and discussion forums. Promotes effective collaboration within the project team.
  6. Time saving: Automated processes can be applied, such as automatic tagging, information classification and archiving. Save time that would otherwise be spent on manual document management.
  7. Increased transparency: Project managers and stakeholders can quickly gain insight into the project status and document history. Helping to create an open and transparent project environment.
  8. Comply with regulations and standards: MetaShare is customized to meet industry-specific standards and compliance requirements. Reduces risks and facilitates auditing.

MetaShare also works in Microsoft Teams if your organization uses Teams for collaboration.

MetaShare in projects is an important investment to streamline work processes, increase information security and support project success.

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