HR portal

The HR department is responsible for managing and administering a wide range of documents and information related to the company’s most valuable resource, its employees. MetaShare supports HR departments in effectively fulfilling their mission while increasing productivity and accuracy of work.

MetaShare for HR means:

  • Efficient information management: By centralizing and organizing all staff-related documentation on a digital platform, it becomes easy to manage, search and access important information. Saves time and reduces the risk of computer errors.
  • Security and privacy: MetaShare offers advanced security measures and access controls, meaning that sensitive personal information can be protected from unauthorized access and breaches of privacy laws.
  • Automation and workflow: MetaShare for HR automates routine workflows and processes. Reduces manual work and the risk of errors.
  • Increased accessibility: With digital documents in Microsoft 365, HR staff can access information from different locations and devices, which is particularly useful for remote and mobile teams.
  • Cost savings: By reducing paper use and streamlining processes, MetaShare helps reduce costs and waste of resources.
  • Compliance and regulation: MetaShare is configurable to meet legal and compliance requirements, reducing risks for the company.

Implementing MetaShare facilitates HR processes and makes them more efficient and helps HR departments in their daily work.

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