18 August 2017

  1. Create documents. In MetaShare settings, a new page is added where administrators can define where the MetaShare document templates should be stored. For Office documents, these can either be real templates, e.g. dotx-files or regular documents, e.g. docx-files. When creating documents, users click on a “New” function MetaShare's “New” function in the toolbar and then select an applicable template in a template field in the document creation form. These templates are as well searchable, while typing into the field.
  2. Publish/Un-publish documents. It is now possible to mark a draft document (minor version) and select to publish it (major version) MetaShare's “Publish” function, with or without a version comment. Published documents can also be unpublished MetaShare's “Unpublish” function, returning them to their prior draft-state.
  3. Column descriptions are now being displayed in the document forms.
  4. There are now 2 page-loaders, one when initially opening MetaShare, with MetaShare’s animated logo shown over the whole screen (same as before) and a new one when navigating between workspaces or navigating between workspaces and MetaShare’s start page, that only animates the MetaShare logo in the top bar (new one) while the content beneath the top bar is being refreshed.
  5. The pre-filling of managed metadata values in the document forms, when uploading documents, now considers if selected terms (filters) are available for tagging or not. If they are not, an instruction is presented under the metadata field, indicating that documents cannot be tagged with the value.
  6. If managed metadata columns are configured to have default values, they are now being pre-filled when uploading documents.
  7. When creating workspaces, after a filtering on workspace type has been done, the workspace creation form is now being pre-filled with the filtered workspace type.