MetaShare CRM Connector

MetaShare CRM Connector creates a connection between Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, which makes it much easier to find and work with documents in both Dynamics and SharePoint/MetaShare.

How it works

  • Tag documents with metadata
  • Choose which fields you want to tag a document with – for example; company, person, quote etc. The fields will be synchronized with SharePoint and managed as metadata.
  • When you tag a document from SharePoint with for example the field “Company”, all companies are synchronized with Dynamics.
  • In the document view in Dynamics, the documents related to the current company will be presented in the view.
  • The documents themselves are managed from SharePoint by clicking on the MetaShare icon.


  • All documents are tagged with relevant fields/metadata and saved in SharePoint.
  • It will be easier to search/retrieve documents directly from SharePoint.
  • You can use filters to find documents, e.g. all documents of the type quotation.
  • Documents tagged with metadata in SharePoint open up opportunities for more functionality in O365:
    • Create automatic flows through Microsoft Flow.
    • Ability to automatically archive or delete documents from Dynamics

Contact us forfor help with setting up the MetaShare CRM Connector.