7 November 2019

  1. Improved performance:
    • We have improved the performance when accessing MetaShare’s start page, just showing a list of the 50 first workspaces, with continues scroll, similar to how documents are displayed within a workspace. This performance improvement is just noticed for clients that have more than 50 workspaces.
    • We have improved the performance when opening a MetaShare workspace by first rendering the user interface, showing the list of documents and the available document filters. In the background, the available terms under each of the filters, are fetched from SharePoint. This decreases the time that it takes to access a workspace and most probably all the terms will already be fetched before you open any of the document filters.
  2. Multiple document download:
    • Previously you could download a single document using the “Download” function. We have extended this function to also permit downloads of up to 10 documents at a time:
      MetaShare's "Download" function
      This makes it easier to, for example, add multiple documents as attachments in e-mails.
  3. Document alerts:
    • Be able to mark a document and choose to create an alert for the document, by clicking on a new “Alert Me” function:
      MetaShare's "Alert Me" function
      You can then define when to get the notifications:
      Define when to get e-mail notifications
  4. Search for documents directly from MetaShare’s start page:
    • MetaShare’s start page now shows two tabs on the top of the application. The default tab is “Workspaces”, with the same behavior as before.
      MetaShare's start page, with two tabs, Workspaces and Documents
      If you click on the “Documents” tab, you come to a document search function, from where you are able to search for documents across your Office 365 environment, the same way as when you click on the link “Show results from other locations”, after having conducted a search within a workspace.
      Search for documents directly from MetaShare's start page
  5. Highlight today’s date in the date picker:
    • In order to more quickly find the current date, it is now highlighted, when clicking on any date columns in the document property forms:
      Today's date highlighted in the date picker
  6. Added terms are automatically added to the available filters:
    • If you add a term in any of the open managed metadata columns (the columns that allow you to add new values), they were not directly shown among the available values under the applicable filter unless you refreshed the page. Now they are automatically added, without the need to refresh the page.
  7. Increased width of the document property form:
    • The width of the document property form is now wider, on large screens with high resolution, so that you can see more data within the fields in the form.
  8. Increased space between documents on mobile devices:
    • In order to make it easier to select a document with your fingers, on mobile devices, we have increased the table row height as well as added table borders:
      Increased space between documents on mobile devices
  9. Open Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Project files in client applications:
    • Previously MetaShare only supported opening OneNote and Project files in their web applications but now you also have the option to open files of these types in their client applications:
      Open Microsoft OneNote files in client applications
  10. The text “Filters in use” is removed:
    • We have been displaying the text “Filters in use”, to the left of the search-box:
      "Filters in use", to the left of the search-box
      As it did not add any value and in some cases could be a bit confusing, we have removed this text. This also saves space on small devices:
      Removed "Filters in use", to the left of the search-box
  11. Added tool-tips when hovering over permission groups:
    • When users hover over any of the 3 permission groups, available in the workspace’s top bar, they now get a short description over the permissions that the specific groups have:
      Tool-tips when hovering over permission groups
  12. Only show “Open a support case” to MetaShare administrators:
    "Open a support case" only shown to MetaShare administrators