3 February 2020

  1. Search for a document tag:
    • To make it easier to find “Managed metadata” and “Choice” tags/values, we have made them searchable from the search box and if they are found among any of the terms/values, they are listed as options to click on:
      Search for a document tag
  2. Search for tags using alternative labels:
    • In SharePoint’s term store all taxonomy values are stored as terms in a term set. Terms have a “Default Label” but they can also have “Other Labels”:
      A term's default label and other labels
      We have made it possible to search on both the default label and any other labels, both in the document property form and in the search box, so that you get a result, even if you search for an alternative label, as in this example:
      Search for tags using alternative labels
  3. Distinct icons for different types of selected filters:
    • We now present different icons, to the left of each selected filter, to make it more clear what data type these filters represent.
      Distinct icons for different types of selected filters
  4. Make it easier to refine a searched phrase:
    • When searching for a phrase, the phrase is being added as a filter to the right of the search box:
      A conducted free text search in MetaShare
      When removing a search phrase, the phrase is now moved back to search box, so that you can refine it and conduct a new search (before you needed to rewrite the whole phrase).
  5. Upload documents to a folder and move documents between folders:
    • A workspace can be configured to show document folders as filters. If a user selects a folder and then adds documents (upload or create), the documents will also be stored inside the folder. Users are also be able to cut and paste documents between different folders (move documents between folders).
  6. Collapse/Expand a hierarchical node in a filter:
    • Previously, when navigating between different tags/values in a hierarchical filter, like the example below, it was not possible to collapse a value, e.g. “Governance”. Now an expanded value can be collapsed, by clicking on it a second time.
      Collapse/Expand a hierarchical node in a MetaShare filter
  7. Enhancements to “Choice” columns:
    • When uploading or creating documents, any applied default values for “Choice” columns are now shown in the document properties form.
    • When uploading or creating documents, any applied “Choice” filters are now prefilled in the document property forms.
  8. Enhancements to “Single line of text” columns:
    • When uploading or creating documents, any applied maximum length restrictions on a “Single line of text” column are now considered in the document property forms, restricting you to add more characters than permitted.
  9. Documents that are checked out to other users will not be shown among your tasks:
    • Documents that are checked out and also have missing mandatory fields will only be shown as a task to the user that it is checked out to. Previously these files where shown to all the workspace’s members/contributors.
  10. Document templates in sub-folders:
    • In MetaShare’s document template’s library, documents can now be stored in sub-folders, enabling the possibility to add permissions on a folder level. Users can only create documents based on the templates that they have access to.
  11. Add support for more file-types:
    • We have added support for more file-types, both presenting appropriate file-icons and to open them for preview, through SharePoint’s document viewer.
  12. Support for rich media content types:
    • If you have created a custom content type that is a child of any of the “Rich Media Asset” content types, these can now be added to a workspace configuration.
  13. Improved help-texts in MetaShare settings:
    • In MetaShare’s settings pages we have added some more descriptive texts.