21 April 2017

  1. The search-box has been moved from the workspaces’ top left-hand corner to the workspaces’ filters section, above the document list. From here users can now search on free-text phrases that will narrow down the number of documents in the document list to just show documents that have the searched phrase as free-text inside the documents or as document metadata. The free-text phrase search will be added as a filter on top of the document view and it can also be combined with other tag filters, such as document type, file-type, etc.
  2. MetaShare now supports managed metadata columns that are configured to allow “Fill-in” choices, permitting users to add values to these open term sets.
  3. Corrections:
    • In Microsoft Edge, we have now removed an extra line space between the checkbox for selecting all documents and the actual document list.
    • If a workspace’s name has special characters such as å, ä and ö, the workspace name is now displayed correctly in the browser’s tab title.
    • Hidden columns are not any more shown in the document’s property form.
    • Documents with special characters such as å, ä and ö, can now be opened in Office applications from Firefox on Mac.