Your free license awaits

Get your MetaShare license – free of charge!

To activate and implement MetaShare is an simple process. You can start easily and later customize MetaShare as your needs change.

What you get

  • Full-featured MetaShare
  • No time-limit


  • Maximum 2 users
  • No customer support


  • Access to Microsoft Office 365
  • When activating MetaShare you need to login with the Office 365 tenant’s Global Admin Account
  • Full system requirement specification

No strings attached

  • You will not be billed or automatically enrolled to any service subscription
  • If you later decide to extend the number of users you can upgrade this license to a supported version
  • If you later on want to remove MetaShare, you will still be able to access all your documents and workspaces using standard SharePoint functionality

This is how it works – watch video