Workspace Manager makes collaboration easier

Better document control

In MetaShare you can create different workspaces for different purposes, like how you set up different Teams in Microsoft Teams. Each workspace could be configured differently with metadata and document management settings based on your way of working.

  • Instantly get an overview of all the sites in Office 365 that you have access to.
  • Easily create and manage existing sites, without involving the IT staff.
  • Add metadata to sites. This will help all users find sites in your organization. Sites could be of any type; Office 365 Group, SharePoint Team Site, MetaShare workspace or any other SharePoint site.
  • Each site can be assigned designated roles with different access privileges for owners, members and visitors.

Overview of all your workspaces in Office 365

MetaShare Workspace portal

The start page in MetaShare presents all the sites that the specific user has access to. This is useful in Office 365 when multiple sites are created for different needs. MetaShare displays these sites for easier control and faster access to them.

Add metadata to sites

You can add metadata on a site level. This means that you easily can tag sites with different metadata so that you later can filter and search them. Using Office 365 will probably lead to generating a vast number of sites. To find a site in Office 365 is not easy, but MetaShare Workspace Manager will really help you find your site.

Metadata is totally configurable for your choice, and some examples of metadata on a site could be:

  • Workspace type
    • Internal
    • Project
    • Business unit/department
  • City/Region
  • Company
  • Owner/Project Manager or similar
  • Status
    • Active
    • Inactive
    • To be deleted

Assign designated roles and security

MetaShare Workspace Manager will allow you to keep control of the sites and their permissions. All employees will be served the right content and you can minimize the exposure of documents to only the users that have permission to a specific workspace. It will also enable you to gain control of the entire lifecycle of documents and make them searchable even after they have been archived.

This will help minimize the clutter that often comes with shared file servers, since not all members will be exposed to every site and the documents within them.

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Easy to create and manage sites

MetaShare Workspace manager makes it easy for you to create, manage and archive sites, without any need to involve the IT department. 

When you create a workspace/site, you decide on rules for its visibility, to show its existence to everyone or to only make it visible to the users that have access to it. All information will be kept within each workspace, helping you to comply with regulations.

Different sites can also be configured to meet the needs of different teams, projects or departments, with specific business rules, document views and filters. It’s easy to invite and remove members from a site to make sure you always have the right team in place in each site.