MetaShare is user-friendly

Easy to find, work and reuse documents

The power of metadata

With MetaShare® it’s easy to find, work with and reuse documents. With the help of MetaShare’s unique and user-friendly navigation structure, navigation and search becomes fast and efficient, and employees get empowered. Many times, you don’t even have to search for documents. Documents in MetaShare use metadata, which eliminate the old way of browsing through large numbers of folders.

MetaShare allows for several ways to intuitively find your documents, but also to efficiently navigate across all documents in your organization. Metadata is used as search filters. By clicking on the different metadata values that have been assigned to your documents, you filter and view the documents tagged with that value or sets of values, making it easy for you to find the documents that you need.

MetaShare’s user-friendly interface will make it easier to work with documents and to use all the document management features that are enabled trough SharePoint.

Take advantage of multidimensional thinking

Work and cooperate in different workspaces

In MetaShare you can create different workspaces for different purposes, like how you set up different Teams in Microsoft Teams. Each workspace could be configured differently with metadata and document management settings based on your needs. This makes it easy for you to create, manage, work and collaborate in different workspaces such as teams, projects or departments etc.