Time efficient

MetaShare increases the operational efficiency in Microsoft Office 365. This is how.

Time saving for the user

MetaShare will shorten the time employees search for documents and they will hopefully not need to recreate documents that already exist. MetaShare’s user-friendly and intuitive interface as well as its logical navigation structure makes it easier to find, work and reuse documents. MetaShare also makes the document management features easier to find and use, than in standard SharePoint.

MetaShare assists the user to auto-tag documents, based on the user’s context when uploading or creating new documents.

Download the whitepaper: Document Management in Office 365

This is how it works – watch video

Time saving for the administrator

MetaShare is a packaged solution for document management that takes minutes to activate and a few hours to configure. It will therefore radically shorten the time to implement and manage the document management solution.

MetaShare automatically applies a homogeneous metadata structure, document settings, document filters and document views across all workspaces of a certain workspace configuration in your Office 365. You will no longer need to do manual configurations in any sites or libraries. If you later need to do changes to a workspace configuration, these changes will automatically get propagated to all workspaces of that specific configuration, with minimal SharePoint infrastructure knowledge.

As MetaShare uses taxonomy fields (managed metadata fields linked to terms that are defined in SharePoint’s term store) it is easy to administrate and update the information structure. For example, if you want to rename a term or to merge terms, these changes will automatically be applied to all effected documents across all workspaces (the effected documents do not need to be updated).

You will have full control managing your document in Office 365.

The outcomes with MetaShare

  • You will save time and money when implementing and managing document management in Office 365.
  • It will help you when your company grows by managing crucial information.
  • You will reduce the cost of implementation compared to Office 365 / standard SharePoint.
  • You will reduce risks for your organization by gaining control over document structures and end-user permissions/access.

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