MetaShare Success stories

Deloitte Office


Deloitte’s choice of Ways for delivery of its case and document management system is proof that MetaShare is a smart solution, while at the same time seeing our knowledge and experience in being able to deliver a solution. The solution simplifies the introduction, reduces the cost, and at the same time is easy to use and administer for Deloitte.

How Deloitte managed to increase their document management efficiency with MetaShare


IDEA – International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance

With MetaShare, IDEA’s employees would be able to use the rich content management features of Office 365 but in a much more intuitive and user-friendly interface than what standard SharePoint provides. Their users would easier search, find and share documents with their colleagues.

How International IDEA improved collaboration using MetaShare

Sveriges Läkarförbund

Swedish Medical Association

A new information structure has been set up, with best practice from how other trade unions have been using MetaShare and MetaShare will now be rolled out within the organisation.

Why The Swedish Medical Association chose MetaShare for their document management