28 June 2024

Improved handling of large libraries.

From now on MetaShare will automatically switch to search based results, inside workspaces, when user applies a filter using a column that cannot be indexed. Previously MetaShare was querying the document library directly until SharePoint replied with an error, but over time SharePoint stopped responding with errors, returning incomplete results instead. We believe that this behavior of SharePoint’s modern interface is not good enough for MetaShare, because it often leads to users not being able to find correctly tagged documents. You can read more about managing large libraries in SharePoint and MetaShare here.

MetaShare will no longer set request access email

We have decided to stop setting request access email to the current user’s email during workspace creation, after we discovered this functionality stopped working in some tenants. It seems that the latest SharePoint updates introduced some unexpected changes or a bug in how this setting works, leading to problems in MetaShare for workspace creation. From now on the SharePoint request access email will use the default setting, which is sending email to all users in Owner’s group in that site.

Fixes for issues reported by our users:

  1. Confirmation message when deleting search properties in MetaShare settings was not showing property name correctly.
  2. In some cases the order of fields when editing workspace properties was incorrect.
  3. It was not possible to apply multiple refinements on Workspaces and Documents start pages by clicking a second refiner from the options. Selecting second options would deselect the first one. This is now resolved.